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The Client Manual

(Please turn the sound on to hear the entire design process explained from start to finish)

The Client Manual is designed to guide you through the design process and clarify any questions or concerns you may have. If this manual does not answer your questions, please contact Brian at (208) 918-2660 for assistance. 


  • Material Selection Guide

    • The material selection guide has been provided to assist you with the selection of the plants and landscape materials. The booklet is not comprehensive, but has been simplified to make the selection process easier. Boise Landscape Design has hand picked the materials based on the durability, affordability, availability and experience with the materials. 

    • Climate - It is important to take into consideration Idaho’s climate when selecting materials. The hot summers and cold winters highly affect the types of plants that grow in our climate and also influence the type of hardscape materials that work well. Boise Landscape Design recommends lighter colors for paver patios, colored concrete patios, and other hardscape surfaces to reduce how hot the surface is in the summer time and also recommends textured surfaces to reduce slipping hazards in the Winter time. Please note that no hardscape surface is perfectly non-slip in the Winter or cool in the summer. The final material selection is up to the Contractor and the Contractor shall take responsibility for the performance of the selected material. 

  • Design Consultation 

    • What to expect - The design consultation will be at your project site and will last for 1 hour. The meeting typically follows the following format: 

      • Walk the site and process ideas 

      • Define project goals and landscape style

      • Review and select materials

      • Summarize project - revisit goals, review material selection, discuss preferred layout, and answer any questions

    • The Landscape Architect will come prepared with an iPad in hand in order to take notes and/or sketch out design ideas as you walk the site. 

    • How to prepare - The best way to prepare for the meeting is to review the material booklet and have a list of preferred materials and questions to discuss with the Landscape Architect. Also, determine your installation budget and time frame for installation. Review design inspiration online or on to determine what you like or dislike. Think through the different spaces in your yard and have a rough idea of what your desires are for your landscape. 

    • Please remove any obstructions that may be in the way and put any pets that may be a distraction inside. 

    • Weather delays -  If inclement weather occurs close to the meeting time, expect a phone call from the Landscape Architect either confirming that the meeting is still on or delayed to allow the weather to pass. 

  • Areas to focus on before meeting

    • Drainage -  Observe any low spots, highly saturated areas, and/or any runoff from neighboring properties. 

    • Sun exposure - Determine which areas get full sun exposure and what areas get full shade

    • Views - Observe any important views that you would like to preserve and views you would like to screen

    • CC&R’s - Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are legal binding documents associated with your property. If you have a Homeowners Association, please make note of their restrictions and landscape guidelines and share them with the Landscape Architect.

  • Budgeting goals

    • It is important to have an installation budget in mind in order to guide the design process. The budget will help the Landscape Architect guide the homeowner with the layout and material selections for the proposed design. 

    • The table below shows recent, average high and low landscape installation pricing. Cost may fluctuate - please use the numbers provided as a guide, not as a guarantee.

BLD 2022 Calculation Spreadsheet (6.10.jpg
Contractor Contact


If you would like to forego the design and work directly with our contractors, please fill out the

following form and we will forward your information to the best contractor for your project. 


Thank you for contacting us! We will connect you with the best contractor for your project.


Below is a list of contractors that install Boise Landscape Design's projects. Our contractors are highly vetted and selected for their great customer service and professional services.

Capitol Landscape
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SynLawn Artifical Turf
KL Construction
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Strickland Stone
Hockema and Collins Logo.jpg
Mendiola's Custom Gas Fire Pits
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